Statement of Purpose

The aim of the the Practice is to provide Primary Care services with the following objectives:

  • Provision of excellent patient care delivered in a clean, suitably equipped and safe environment
  • Care will be provided by suitably trained members of staff who will have the right skills, training and experience to carry out their duties. We will work alongside other non practice primary care staff to ensure the ongoing appropriate care of our patients
  • Patients will be involved in their own care and be given the appropriate choices in who, where and when their care is provided
  • The practice will provide suitable clinics and care to manage long term conditions putting the patient as our primary focus
  • All patients and users of the practice will be treated with dignity and respect
  • The practice will work in collaboration with other NHS Healthcare providers to ensure that appropriate and cost efficient pathways are devised resulting in patients having easier access to services closer to home
  • Proactive management of long-term conditions, from birth through to the end of life
  • Practice will provide Minor Surgical procedures including joint injections and removal of skin lesions